The 7th International Conference on Chemicals, Materials and Energy (ICCME 2021)
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Prof.Jieshan Qiu

Dean of School of Chemical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Research Area: Synthesis and application of functional carbon materials;High-efficiency and high-value-added refined utilization of coal;Electrochemistry and Energy Chemical Industry;

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Prof.Youzhu Yuan

Dean of Collegue chemistry and chemical engineering,Xiamen University 

Research Area: Molecular catalysis, preparation and structure of catalytic materials, correlation of properties and mechanism of catalysis

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Prof.Zhoujun Wang

Beijing University of Chemical Technology ,College of Chemical Engineering

Research Area: Heterogeneous Catalysis, Surface Science, Green Chemistry ,Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

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Prof.Halidan Maimati 

School of chemical engineering and technology , Xinjiang University

Research Area:  the developing and application of coal-based carbon nanomaterials, including preparation and modification of coal-based carbon nanoparticles, coal-based graphene ,coal-based carbon nanotubes , etc. and usage these coal-based modified nanomaterials in photocatalytic degradation of pollutants, photocatalytic reduction of CO2, photocatalytic N2 fixation into ammonia .